Arbanassi village

The hotel organizes excursions, walking tours, hunting and fishing trips. For those interested in the history and culture of the area, we offer sightseeing tours in the village of Arbanassi and the town of V. Turnovo. There is an equestrian sports centre in the proximity of the hotel where you can enjoy horse-riding for pleasure.

The hotel has at its disposal an openľair tavern with 80 seats and indoor restaurant with 25 seats, which are suitable for weddings, christenings and other events. We offer delicious homemade plates and an incredible choice of different brand drinks.

The ecotrail winds through the picturesque hills of the village of Arbanassi and reveals lots of marvelous panoramic views over the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The tourists have a closer touch to the beauty of the nature and enjoy the really huge variety of flora species.

The visitors have the possilbility to choose between three of its main routes which create ideal conditions for pedestrian hiking and biking adventures of various difficulty levels.

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